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Mecut, for more than 60 years specialized in the design and production of tungsten carb tools in Genoa.

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We have been designing and producing tools since 1952

Mecut is a Genoa-based company that designs and manufactures tungsten carb tools. Present for more than 60 years on the market, the company combines tradition and innovation at the service of its customers. Over the years, Mecut’s business vision has allowed him to develop a high specialization in the design and production of circular blades, prismatic circular cutters and circular knives in integral hard metal.

The company’s flexibility allows the production of tungsten carb tools from an external diameter of 10 mm minimum up to a diameter of 230 mm.

The experience, professionalism and expertise of the production technical area allow you to perform any type of thickness required with extremely narrow tolerances (up to 0.002 mm.) with a mirror surface finish.

The geometry and profile of circular saws and knives can be tabled, although the customer can request special specifications that are always possible thanks to the support on the main executive parameters by Mecut technicians.

The experience gained combined with the particularity and variety of the reference market has allowed to achieve significant skills on the needs of the customer and on the qualities of hard metals to be used.


Mecut, a family story

Mecut is not just a company. It is a family that has been able over time to build and carry on a business model that is based on the principles and values of another time. The company was founded in 1952 by the will of Marco and Guglielmo Collo who sees the tooling market as a great development opportunity. Soon the other two sons Walter and Bruno were joined. It is time for reconstruction and the sector is growing strongly. In the 1960s, ME. C.UT. decides to shift the company’s focus on the production of hard metal tooling. The choice seems to pay off widely with staff growth and increasingly important orders to its customers. At the beginning of the 1990s the need is to increasingly move towards the design and production of circular saws, circular cutters and knives customizable by the customer or according to UNI and DIN standards.

Today Mecut is a reality with a traditional and innovative vision at the same time. The company is managed by Bruno Collo who is the production manager and his two sons: Fabio who deals with the design and relationships between suppliers and customers and Roberta who deals with the administrative and financial part of the company


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In the production phase of the tool, the finishing of the sharp profile is particularly taken care of.


We provide a door-to-door delivery service to the destination requested by the customer quickly.

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