Me. C.UT produces circular saws, circular cutters, prismatics and circular full-metal knives.

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The primary production of the Mecut is concentrated in the realization of a variety of circular cutters of tugsteno carb with dimensions of the external diameter of 10 mm 230 mm with thousand ththicknesses compatible with the diameters made. In addition to the standard production of circular cutters according to the DIN and ISO unification standards (DIN1837 – DIN1838 – ISO2296) the ME. C.UT. It is able to meet any need by providing special circular cutters on customer design, or by proposing itself the solution to the problem through its highly specialized technicians. There is also the possibility for the buyer to request circular cutters for group processing and in this case the absolute accuracy in the construction of the tools is guaranteed, to ensure that at the time of assembly of the group they obtain precision and reversibility at the highest levels.

In the circular tool range, ME. C.UT. It also creates special contoured cutters with straight stripped profile, groups of cutters profiled for the realization of particularboth concave and convex, circular cutters with concave or convex ray, circular cutters with 3 cutting edges and circular knives with angle simple or double cutting edge.

Application materials

In the various fields of application of circular cutters, Mecut is included in the Italian, European and global market for milling:

  • Steel of various types
  • Stainless steel and the like
  • Cast of miscellaneous types
  • Plastics
  • Precious metals
  • Light alloy metals
  • Synthetic Materials
  • Glass

Application fields

There are a number of fields of application. Below is a list in which Mecut has been operating for many years:

  • Goldsmiths
  • Textile
  • Sector cutting pipe and microtube and canule needles
  • Machining
  • Electronic- scoring printed circuit boards
  • Production rubber seals and the like
  • Processing electric motor collectors
  • Key encryption
  • Tool resellers

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