What can we do

Consulting, design and production. But not only that.


We provide a consulting service to the customer to understand their needs and be able to propose the best product on the market.


Thanks to our experience we design the right product for any customer’s needs. We are able to guide him on the use of the carb of greater aptitude for processing characteristics and the type of material to be removed.


In the production phase of the tool, the finishing of the sharp profile and the side is particularly taken care of, thereby reducing the frictions that occur between cutters and processing material during use.

Quality control

Every product we make is checked online and by our quality manager who guarantees our customer the best possible tool.

Custom orders

Our corporate dynamism is able to satisfy the customer who requires a production of small and highly customized parts.

Quick delivery

We provide a door-to-door delivery service to the destination requested by the customer quickly.


We provide a sharpening service on all our products ensuring quick time and complete processing.


We provide ongoing support by ensuring that our customer has the ability to rely on a reliable and long-lasting partner.


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